Bavaria's Partner Regions around the world

A wide range of international contacts around the globe help the State of Bavaria set a successful course for the Bavarian economy, science, culture and administration. The government of Bavaria kick-started an international network of regional leaders with 

  • Georgia (USA)
  • Upper Austria (Austria)
  • Québec (Canada)
  • Shandong (China) 
  • São Paulo (Brazil)
  • Western Cape (RSA)

Regular political exchanges within this network set the base for a thriving and confident economic and scientific cooperation in future markets around the globe. The summits are held every 2 years. After Munich in 2016, Québec hosted the next one in 2018.

Further to these specific partners, Bavaria also maintains close ties to the following regions: Gauteng (RSA, since 1995), Guangdong (PR China, since 2004) and Karnataka (India, since 2007). With a number of these partners, Bavaria implemented mixed work groups bringing together Bavarian public servants and their foreign colleagues.

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